About Jet Owner

The Jet Owner Group represents ownership from a financial and safety standpoint—whether you are a fractional jet owner, managed aircraft owner or simply a charter customer looking to learn more, we offer representation on three fronts:


A new client once complained, “I’m tired of urinating money… ” We acknowledged their pain. The reality of private and business aviation is that value is hard to find when so much money is at stake with so little oversight. Who do you believe? What is reasonable per hour, per day, per year? What is fair market value and what trends affect the future of the decisions you are making today?


Human factors, risk management and continuous improvement processes are the cornerstone of a growth mindset, how do you ensure yours? Is the audit a sham? Is your culture fostering discussion and best practices, or stifling it? What is the role of rest, alcohol, hobbies and other parameters that affect your organization? Is it the regulations that keep you safe, or is there a better way?


The beauty of our times is that data on every airplane, operator and manufacturer is available. But how to get it and interpret it? How do you compile current, historical, industry forecasts to keep you and your wallet safe?