Adam Webster

Deeply marinated in airplane stuff for far too long, Adam is helpful in interpreting business and commercial aviation for your benefit.  Whether you are an airline passenger or private jet owner, he can put relatively complex and obscure concepts into a concise bit of speech or text for your benefit.

Adam harbors a passion for proletariat air taxi and a few other oxymorons.  When he’s not advising the well heeled on how to stay out of trouble, he’s busy raising awareness for other technology and services ventures that compliment his curiosity and passion for understanding the world better.

A partial list of his aviation resume and skillset:

  • Aircraft Management, Marketing and Revenue Analysis
  • Part 135 Aircraft, Crew and Operational Conformity and Compliance
  • Aircraft Ownership, Fractional Shares and Jet Card Programs
  • Bush (off airport) Operations Planning and Risk Mitigation
  • New & Pre-Owned Aircraft Acquisitions
  • Business Analysis, Lead Generation and Content Wrangling

You can reach Adam directly at