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Business Jet Design The Supercritical Airfoil F8 Crusader » Jet Owner Group

Breaking the sound barrier isn’t the biggest priority when it comes to how most of us travel. Efficiency is. Whether you are a business jet or airliner, you settle in to cruise around 0.65 to 0.85 Mach. For non business jet design people, this is a fancy way of saying 65% to…(Read More)

Sonic Cruiser Blended Wing Body » Jet Owner Group

I don’t really remember when I first saw the blended wing body (BWB) design. It was some time in 2001 and I was pretty pumped to see Boeing, NASA, et al taking chances. It is always engrossing when there’s a big shift in aircraft design. The blended wing body design concept wasn’t…(Read More)

The Area Rule and Aircraft Design Delta Dart » Jet Owner Group

I’m a bit of a biomimicry fan. I may enjoy permaculture gardens and design, but I love smart aircraft design. And I’m even more impressed when good design borrows from birds and nature. But going really fast isn’t a permaculture kind of thing and it certainly isn’t for birds. A hawk…(Read More)