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Quiet Runway: Hilton Head, SC When the music stopped, the US turbine aircraft market was arguably already a little fat. And by “fat” we mean: Lots of underutilized inventory, lots of bank exposure and a growing book of unsold new aircraft. You may have heard the pilot expression: “Fat, dumb and happy.” It is the…(Read More)

Finding Aircraft Value: Your Next Business Jet » Jet Owner Group

Whether you are buying a Super Cub or a Phenom 300, finding value follows a few basic rules. And whether considering a prop or business jet, we crave value, despite any questionable “need” for this new asset / toy. But transactions where the business jet buyer gets value out of the gate, are more rare…(Read More)

3 Reasons Not To Buy A Jet » Jet Owner Group

Ok, so we know this is not a jet. And we know that if it was, you certainly wouldn’t be taking it out of this back country strip after that fishing trip you’ve been chirping about incessantly. Let’s be clear, we benefit from helping people buy jets, so this is an atypical…(Read More)

Jet Aircraft For Sale SR-71 Blackbird » Jet Owner Group

While many may not appreciate good design, we’d all agree that aircraft design matters. The challenge, however, is that design isn’t a consistent thing that humans do well. And when their creativity, curiosity or courage runs out – things stagnate. The bad news of this post is that we are in such a stagnation…(Read More)

Aircraft Value: Obsolescence and Depreciation » Jet Owner Group

Aircraft value can seem both simple and nebulous. The book value is a calculation.  And yet predicting days on market and the final price is a crystal ball at best. A key element is stepping back to look at a bigger picture today on what the aircraft value will be tomorrow. What Boeing and Embraer…(Read More)

Private Jet Costs » Jet Owner Group

Jet Owner Index: Understanding Private Jet Cost What does a private jet cost? Am I getting the right one?  Do I really need a new one? Wait – save $2MM? How can that be possible? Private jet cost and acquisition can be daunting when you think about the lack of tools. And I mean tools…(Read More)

Buy A Private Jet » Jet Owner Group

If you are an airline, you have a team of people that really know the market of the 3000+ Boeing 737s or Airbus A320s out there. If this is the case, you don’t need help. Not the same for us private and business folk. We’re in a smaller pool with much bigger swings…(Read More)

Challenger 300 Aircraft » Jet Owner Group

In the interest of being avant-guardish, meta and all those things I learned from watching “Community,” I’ve decided to write about the birth of a product. We are beginning to tie together disparate sources of data so that a banker, an aircraft owner, prospective owner, operator, or simply an industry analyst, can see…(Read More)