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Checking = Verifying In our practice, few things are more jarring than seeing the closing checklist after learning how many aircraft live in the portfolio. This pilot won’t taxi this beast without finishing his list. You should think about your loans the same way. To be clear – everyone has good intentions. The problem isn’t…(Read More)

Curious about jet engines and the people that maintain them? Rich will take you through the basics of axial flow (versus the snap bang pop we are used to in reciprocating engines) and how things have really changed on the reliability front. &nbsp…(Read More)

That Every Lender Should Know “How does a deal go well? A good start is someone other than a banker looking at logbook entries.” — Rich Thompson I came across Rich Thompson in the fall of 2014 while he was wearing a variety of hats: Quality Assurance here, Director of Maintenance there, he was the…(Read More)

Seven years ago, I did an interview with Addison Schonland. Since then there’s been a lot of high profile attempts to optimize the air taxi and jet owner and fractional jet ownership space. And if you ask Scott, it is all about the experience. Solve that first, then worry about the rest of it…(Read More)

Private Jet Cost and the Bentley to Bus Index » Jet Owner Group

The Original Index: Guns to Caviar “Defense budgets rise with threats and perception of threats, and cash filters down, with planes typically delivered two years after they are ordered,” he said. And business jet orders tend to rise in tandem with profits, with deliveries typically coming a year after the profit surge.” — Richard Aboulafia,…(Read More)

“Balancing a flight department, an FBO, or maybe just a maintenance shop coupled with a charter company and demanding jet owners is best left to magicians, like a Magus.” — David Anderson I met David in April of 2006 when I was selling consulting and online tools for jet owners and charter operators in the…(Read More)

One of the challenges I face as an advisor to the Jet Owner Group, is that I don’t actually fly up front that much. Sure I’ve got type ratings and stories on what I’ve done, where I’ve been etc., but the fact is that when I show up at CAE or…(Read More)