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Aviation Safety and Confirmation Bias » Jet Owner Group

Confirmation bias is one of the most insidious cognitive biases we face.  It is all over our social media, our polarized debate style.  But when it crawls into the cockpit it needs to be unwelcome and quickly.  When I first came across Fred George’s piece, “Cognitive Biases Can Cause Real Trouble” in March of…(Read More)

Aviation Safety and the Audit Culture » Jet Owner Group

One of the fundamental problems in a culture that preaches “best practices” is that many of us don’t. Aviation psychology is handled with human factors banter that is put in the manual. We’re bored, tired, uninspired and the act of flying the airplane reflects that. The accidents scream about it. Flight Safety International…(Read More)

Human Factors Equals Beign Human » Jet Owner Group

Anyone who flies professionally knows the challenges of crew pairing. Can be awesome, can be torture. When’s its torture, we have to ask ourselves: “How can I fly this thing safely with this troglodyte?” (Yes, human factors can be this stark. This cave dweller’s a guy, a white guy for sure, more on…(Read More)

Aviation Safety Focus: Four Clues To Upping Your Crew Resource Management » Jet Owner Group

Clear, meaningful and helpful communication and aviation safety are essential partners. Yet many pilots struggle to ask for help when they need it most. Add job security, a conservative and emotionally sterile environment, and you have the ingredients. The ingredients for what psychologists broadly call “The Four Horsemen.” The Psychology of Aviation Safety Dr John…(Read More)

V speeds are the routine numbers a pilot plugs into his FMS (flight management system) before take off. In fact, fancy airplanes tell you the V speeds after you tell it things like weight, temperature and your mood for the day. Ok the last part is not true, but in the future, that could be…(Read More)

Our first podcast of 2015, this 18 min. takes you on a voyage of the ineptness and hubris of youth. For the record, it was really warm out… and I honestly believed that wet stuff would sloosh off the wing. And Brian? Well, just picture flying while looking through two paper towel tubes. That was…(Read More)

Circling approaches are the car equivalent of the three point turn, you do in a stick shift, on a steep hill, in some narrow British side road: You can do it, but it isn’t easy, and you certainly don’t go looking for the opportunity. For those of us in the advisory capacity they…(Read More)